Move Your Letters Workshop with Maarten Renckens and Just van Rossum

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Type heroes Maarten Renckens and Just van Rossum do a 4-day letter animation workshop on two consecutive weekends. Do not miss this.

Participants receive an extended trial license and can purchase their own full license at a discount.

Move Your Letters


Two weekends:
Sat 24 Oct & Sun 25 Oct
Sat 31 Oct & Sun 1 Nov


Maarten Renckens
Just van Rossum


Online workshop

How much?

€285 (€160 for students)

For whom?

Everybody interested in designing type & animated type.


All info & registration

In this 16h workshop (divided over four days), you get everything you need to know about digital letters and animations: the all-empowering grid, coordinates, paths, keyframes, a good base in Python-programming. After this workshop, how letters and animations work will not have any secrets anymore! The tools we use: Glyphs, Python and Drawbot.