8 June11 July 2020
Paris, France

Glyphs is happy to be a software sponsor of this year’s TypeParis, a wonderful way to get started in, or deepen your understanding of, type design. Be quick and apply before 14 March 2020!

‘Learn how to design type from scratch here in Europe. Based in Paris and launched by the Typofonderie team in 2015, TypeParis is an intensive type design programme. Our unique approach continues the long tradition of type design study that started in France back in the 1970’s.’

‘Learn from renowned professionals and experienced instructors. The #typeparis20 team comprise: Jean François Porchez (founder of TypeParis), Mathieu Réguer, Marc Rouault, Gina-Serret, Julie Soudanne and Malou Verlomme. Special sessions planned with Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer and Georg Seifert from Glyphs.’

PS: Programme attendees can buy their full Glyphs license at a steep student discount.

TypeParis 2020

8 June through 11 July, 2020

TypeParis is an intensive programme that takes place from 10 June to 13 July 2020 in the heart of the Bastille area in Paris. With two sessions a day, each led by a tandem of two instructors, you will receive 340 hours of instruction over the course of five weeks. More details on FAQ. During this period, several visits have been arranged to see notable french institutions and discover the immense and fascinating history of type, including the collections at Bibliothèque Nationale, Bibliothèque Mazarine, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, Musée de l’Imprimerie and Musée Gallo Romain in Lyon, etc.

Each Thursday in Paris we will organize the #tptalks20 at Le Tank. Our free talks are open to the public and streamed live to the world.

The programme is in English and covers the learning of know-how in typeface design and calligraphy techniques, type history, and modern software practices. Attendees will gain knowledge through references and perspectives to help understand the key structure of letterforms. Like any creative discipline, type design is highly subjective, and whilst there are important principles that we teach in detail that should be followed, there is a lot of room for one’s own personal taste.


Paris, France.


Jean François Porchez (founder of TypeParis), Mathieu Réguer, Marc Rouault, Gina-Serret, Julie Soudanne and Malou Verlomme. Special sessions with Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, Georg Seifert.

For Whom?

Graphic designers, typographers, web designers, design school typography teachers and recent design graduates, who are eager to deepen their typography skills and knowledge.

Max 15 participants.

How Much?

EUR 4600 (programme and visits)




Sign up for the mailing list on the TypeParis website

Workshop: Glyphs Secrets

Saturday 4 July, 9am—6pm

Learn how to create professional fonts using Glyphs: A unique chance for all local graphic designers, lettering designers, type designers to be able to learn all the unique features. Glyphs core team Georg Seifert and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer will hold a Glyphs Secrets day at TypeParis.

General topics

— prepare professional vector outlines
— reuse recurring shapes effectively
— trace down and fix errors, avoid potential pitfalls
— optional settings (custom parameters)
— metrics and kerning: how it works?
— useful scripts and plug-ins for any workflow
— font export in various formats and special glyph sets

Variable fonts topics

— create multiple-master and variable fonts from scratch
— export and test in AI and web browsers
— animate a glyph in a web browser (the fun part!)


— you have a specific tool in Glyph that you want to use?
— you want to switch from your old Fontographer, FontLab, Robofont?
— any others questions!

You will be taken through a professional variable font production workflow, with ample opportunity for questions and feedback. During part one, focus will be on drawing vectors and producing fonts in Glyphs: a very good opportunity to meet the Glyphs core team and share your suggestions, and questions about font design and production. Part two will focus on Variable Fonts and reusing shapes: Multiple Master technology, interpolation, and all the small details that truly make a difference.


Georg Seifert
Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

How Much?

EUR 120


English et français: Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer parle français, pas de problèmes pour les participants locaux français mal à l’aise avec la langue anglaise.


Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled.


via the TypeParis website