From idea to release

With Glyphs, you draw perfect vectors from scratch, and efficiently produce any OpenType font or major image format.


Draw Vectors

Vector drawing done right

Go from sketch to outline in no time. Quickly jot down your idea and easily turn it into pristine vectors, and do all the things Illustrator never let you do: nudge, edit multiple handles at the same time, lock angles, batch-control curvatures, harmonize curve segments. Take full control of your curves.

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Turning a line into a curve segment


Moving node without moving handles


Work little, make much: interpolate your drawings

Draw and manage multiple master drawings, and then easily produce as many steps in between as you like.

Keep your master drawings compatible so you can interpolate

Going from thin to heavy is not always linear: insert intermediate masters for that extra precision in interpolation. Or sometimes, shapes need to change as they become bolder. Switch between parallel interpolations with alternate masters.

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Let a shape change as it gets bolder: alternate masters (a.k.a. ‘bracket trick’)

Turn your multiple-master setup into a variable font with a single click. Control subsets and OT features with variable font export settings.

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Seemlessly reach any instance between your masters with variable fonts

Reuse Shapes

Stop wasting your time on copying and pasting, reuse your shapes smartly

Reuse glyphs as components inside other glyphs: edit the original, and all hotlinked components follow foot immediately. Use this to make your a the same in äâãāăȧà, or to keep any number of shapes in sync across many glyphs.

Reuse components in diacritics

Slap corner components onto corner nodes, a great way to control, fine-tune and sync corner roundings, spikes and serifs. Create transformable shapes with smart components: imagine a component that you need often but that needs to adapt a little in every other situation.

Attach corner components to corner nodes

Expand vector segments to any shape with brush components: ideal for modular typefaces or graphic elements like arrows. Or reuse the same shape edges with segment components.

Reuse the same edges with segment components

Colors and Contours

Who said fonts were only black and white?

Apply colors, shadows, glows and gradients with the all-new color layers. Ideal for information graphics and color fonts. Or tap into the possibilities of color font formats: SVG, CPAL/COLR, sbix and classic layer fonts.

Enhance your glyphs with fill and stroke colors

Add strokes to your paths and they non-destructively expand to filled outlines. Dynamically subtract paths from other shapes by turning them into masks. Create pixel-perfect contours by applying size-specific stroke widths: make that line two pixels wide, no matter for which scale you export that icon.

Add a stroke width to outlines

Glyphs enables common Chinese designers to create their own fonts. It’s a tool long-awaited.

Li Zhiqian 3type

I don’t know what I was doing before using Glyphs, but I don’t care because now Glyphs is all I need.

Kristine Arth Lobster Phone

Glyphs is so easy to use that I spend less time at my desk, more in my bed.

Lin Hsia Justfont

If you are into vector lettering, using Glyphs will give you much more precision and control over your Bézier curves.

Maria Montes mariamontes.net

Glyphs is built with the needs of type designers in mind, allowing you to focus on the design itself. It is great news for CJK type designers.

Angel Kwong

From sketch to final production, Glyphs allows you to really ENJOY the entire process of creating typefaces.

Laura Meseguer Type-Ø-Tones

In our branding projects, we use Glyphs for designing logos. Now, manoeuvring curves in AI is akin to riding a unicycle with a cramped right leg — wobbly and accident-prone. In Glyphs, the experience is steady and foolproof, like riding a mountain bike with grippy handlebars.

Joanne Chew Fictionist Studio

The integrated work model of Glyphs makes a difference in the learning curve of new designers, and their rate of work.

Gerry Leonidas University of Reading


Variable Fonts

Your new superpower: make your fonts variable

Make your multiple-master projects fit for the future: variable font production is easy.

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Make your drawings variable: Arizona by ABC Dinamo

Make your drawings variable: Lyon Arabic Text by Wael Morcos and Khajag Apelian


Juggle thousands of glyphs and stay in charge

Sort, filter and browse in Font View: find any glyph you need in a breeze.

Sort, filter and browse in Font View

Batch-edit many glyphs at once: change glyph info and side bearings, apply filters and transform any number of letters, figures and symbols.

Create and manage variants of complete projects in a separate file without duplicating your data: subsetted webfonts, complete set of fonts with a different font family name? You name it.

Develop your glyphs in any language or graphic system


Get any major font or image format out the door

Satisfy all font needs by delivering all OpenType formats: CFF-flavored OTFs, TTFs, as well as WOFF and WOFF2 webfonts. Interchange data or integrate into an existing workflow by exporting UFO and Font Metrics.

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Enhance your Xcode project with pristine SFSymbols. Make sets of icons, dingbats and symbols. Export them as icon fonts, or as PNG, SVG or PDF.

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Export to any font or image format

The only problem with Glyphs is that I forget to take a break. My optician hates it.

Jeremy Tankard

There is a yawning gap between the font software I used 10 years ago and the tools we have now. Glyphs has been the leader in paving the way for many.

María Ramos NM Type

I really appreciate how intuitive Glyphs is, and how extensive the resources and tutorials are.

David Jonathan Ross DJR.com

We love Glyphs because of its easy handling, reliable production quality, and the good support.

Lisa Fischbach & Jakob Runge TypeMates

The support you get from the Glyphs team is worth waaay more than the license price. Every now and then I catch myself wishing they release a new version soon so I can throw more money at them.

Henrique Beier Harbor Type

Working with Glyphs is a life-changing experience, venturing into multilingual scripts is more approachable.

Tan Sueh Li hrftype

Working with glyphs is like putting nitro into your race car!

Roland Hüse

Glyphs development environment has kept me healthier… I no longer need as many espressos to accomplish complex tasks, nor do I experience heart-breaking crashes that kills hours of work. I’d recommend you start with it.

Neil Summerour Positype



It’s your workspace. Customize Glyphs your way with free extensions

Choose from many free plug-ins and scripts in Plugin Manager and install them with a single click. Install any independent and commercial third-party plug-ins with a double click.

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One-click installation of extensions in Plugin Manager

OpenType Features

Make your fonts smart with OpenType features

Stop wasting your time hunting for errors in your feature code. Let Glyphs do that for you as you type, with its built-in live in-line syntax verification. Or let Glyphs do the job for you and automate feature code: no more typos, and it stays up to date all by itself.

Make your GPOS interpolate: set up smart number values, and insert them as variables in your manual feature code.

Read the tutorial

Fixing errors smartly in OpenType feature code


Add your own Python code for pretty much anything

Take advantage of the full-featured Python 3 API. No coding experience? Learn scripting in an afternoon with these four free and easy tutorials.

Write plug-ins, so you can automate repetitive tasks, analyze shapes, enhance the UI, or edit non-destructively. You name it.

Create your own scripts and plug-ins

I cannot imagine my professional life without Glyphs. It is an exceptionally high-quality tool for work and play. I am grateful to the talented and dedicated team behind Glyphs, who work tirelessly on perfecting the app and supporting its users.

Mariya Pigoulevskaya

It doesn’t make sense to design Arabic in anything but Glyphs. I like showing people who don’t use it how much simpler their lives can be.

Sahar Afshar

I’ve seen a lot of font software, none of them is perfect. I must admit that Glyphs is by far the best, and its little flaws make its charm.

Jean François Porchez Typofonderie & TypeParis

Do I dig Glyphs’ corner components? Yes I do.

Michael Hochleitner Typejockeys

Glyphs is a fantastic program. I went through several years where other software ground me down, and switching to Glyphs reignited my passion for type.

Rian Hughes Device Fonts

Since I have started using Glyphs, font production is way more fun. It has never been so easy to get the last production steps right.

Ulrike Rausch LiebeFonts

Everything about that Devanagari workflow, like the automatic ikar-length substitution: thank you for this! Before switching to Glyphs, I used to spend a week organizing things by width and creating huge tables of different variations of total string width. Ugh!

Erin McLaughlin Fontwala

The UI is so much cleaner, and you can actually see what you are doing!

Ben Mitchell Fontpad