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Handbook Glyphs 2.3

Handbook Glyphs 2.3

Download the latest version of the Glyphs 2 handbook.

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ハンドブック Glyphs 2.3

ハンドブック Glyphs 2.3

Toshi Omagari wrote the Japanese version of the handbook for Glyphs 2.3. 待望の日本語版、お楽しみあれ!

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Handbook Glyphs Mini 2

Handbook Glyphs Mini 2

The all new handbook for the all new Glyphs Mini 2, edited by Stella Chupik.

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Handbook Glyphs 1.x

Handbook Glyphs 1.x

Download the last version of the Glyphs 1.x handbook.

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Handbuch Glyphs 1.x Deutsch

Handbuch Glyphs 1.x Deutsch

Friedrich Althausen hat die deutsche Fassung des Handbuchs für Glyphs 1.x erstellt. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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See What’s New

A quick rundown of the best new features in Glyphs 2

What’s New in Glyphs 2.0

This three-minute video quickly walks you through the best new features of Glyphs 2.0.
Read more: Smart Components, Color Fonts, Brace Layers.

Watch the Screencasts

Get a quick overview with these short training videos

Drawing Paths

Editing outlines and creating letterforms in Glyphs is very simple. Learn how by watching this quick video tutorial.
Read more: Drawing Good Paths, Edit View.

Building Diacritics

See how to set up accented letters. It’s easy and intuitive.
Read more: Diacritics, Recipes, Narrow Marks, Mark Attachment, Localize your font.


Learn how to adjust sidebearings and synchronize your spacing across glyphs.
Read more: Spacing.


This two-minute video shows you how to add individual kerning as well as group kerning to your font.
Read more: Kerning, Contextual Kerning.


This quick video shows you the basics of Arabic type design in Glyphs. Thanks to Shareef for helping out on this one!
Read more: Arabic.


Easily build a component-based pixelfont in Glyphs. It’s fun!
Read more: Creating a Pixel Font, Creating a Pixel Font in Glyphs Mini