Glyphs Mini

The Affordable Font Editor

The slimmed-down, light version of the app: Glyphs Mini


Available on Apple’s AppStore and directly from us, Glyphs Mini is the easy and affordable solution for casual font design and dingbat webfonts. While it lacks the advanced features and full power of the pro version, it is a true bargain and an easy start into the world of type design. And in case you get hooked, you can always upgrade to the pro version at a discount. This table helps you spot the main differences between the two app versions:

Glyphs Mini

Straight-forward and intuitive user interface
Edit glyphs in a word context
Advanced vector drawing tools
Live components, anchors and automatic alignment
Drag-and-drop import of SVG pictures
Automatic OpenType feature generation for localized forms, fractions, ordinals, small caps, discretionary and standard ligaturesCustom OpenType feature code, and wide range of automatic features
Support for simple scripts like Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Symbol charsetsExtensive Non-Latin support, including complex scripts like Arabic and Devanagari
Import OTF and TTFImport OTF, TTF, UFO, and PS Type 1
Export OTF and PHF (PhotoFont)Export OTF, TTF, UFO, Webfonts (EOT, WOFF, WOFF2), Colorfonts, Metrics
Native UFO support (import, export, save, and open)
Single-master font editingMultiple masters and glyph layers
Automatic PS hintingAutomatic and manual PS hinting and TT instructions
Built-in filters Hatch Outline, Offset Paths, Remove Overlap, Round Corners, TransformationMany built-in filters, expandable with third-party plugins and Python scripts
Parametric type design with smart glyphs, corner and cap components
Batch processing and advanced font settings with Custom Parameters
Want to pro and upgrade to Glyphs 2?
Get a discount of part of the price you paid for Mini.
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