How to work on the Staging site


11 October 2018

Dear Contributors to

The workflow

  1. Log in on with your username and password (you should have received a password reset e-mail).

  2. In the Dashboard, click Get Latest Changes

  3. Make your changes in Tutorials

  • Save frequently !!!! (Cmd-S works in the browser)
  • Use ### for headlines
  • Use *asterisks* for italic (Cmd-I): use italics for text that appears in the UI of Glyphs, e.g. menu commands or button texts or window titles.
  • Use **double asterisks** for bold (Cmd-B), use it wisely and don’t overuse bold. I sometimes use it for pro tips :)
  • Use [this structure]( for links. 
  • Use `backticks` (grave spacing accents) for code formatting: use it for things the user would type, e.g. code samples, glyph names, feature tags, custom parameter names, etc.

Find more syntax stuff on:
For Screenshots, see below.

  1. Save frequently !!! (Cmd-S)

  2. Use the Preview option to see what your tutorial looks like on, this is what it is later going to look like on the main site.

  3. If you are happy and think it should be published, switch your tutorial to VISIBLE:


  1. Back in the Dashboard, press Publish Changes:


  2. You can now log out safely.

  3. I should be able to see your changes and update the main website with your content within a day or two. 

If you do not see your update on within three days, ping me on iMessage: +43-660-7928621 or, or send an e-mail.


  • take them WITHOUT shadows: Cmd-Shift-4, press Space, hold down the Option key and click on the window
  • give your screenshot a telling file name without spaces, e.g., font-info.png
  • make sure you have saved changes in the browser (Cmd-S) otherwise the next step will undo your latest changes
  • drag the image files into the Files section of the editor (on the left side)
  • place your text cursor where you want to have your picture
  • and drag the image from the Files sidebar into your text
  • add class: shadow into the parentheses representing the screenshot. It will look something like this:
    (image: confirmdelete.png class: shadow)