2025 February 2017
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Break away from your daily routine and spend the last week of February in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia — and completely immerse in type design at the Ljubljana Type Days 2017! This year’s mentor is going to be Graz-based Hungarian type designer Adam Katyi. A unique opportunity to get your type design kickstarted!

Ljubljana Type Days 2017 workshop

Mon–Sat, 20–25 February 2017
9.00–19.00 (Sat 11.00–20.00)

The workshop will start in the morning with breakfast, and will be continued throughout the day until the evening.

During the workshop we will also organise a visit to the National University Library, where many examples of calligraphy and print legacy, important for the Slovenian culture, are stored. Profesor Lucijan Bratuš will be our guide.

On Saturday we will start the day with a Type-walk through the old part of Ljubljana and in the afternoon we will show the work that has been done during the Type Days 2017 workshop with a public exhibition and a private party afterwards.


Vodnikova Domačija Šiška
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Adam Katyi is a type and graphic designer based in Graz. He graduated in Sopron, at the Institute of Applied Arts. He holds two MA degrees, one from Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University and the second one from Type and Media program at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. At the moment runs type foundry Hungarumlaut.

For Whom?

Max 15 participants

We expect some basic experience with type, but there is also a place for greenhorns. Our agenda is to connect people with different skills and backgrounds.

How Much?

EUR 200, plus EUR 30 (students: EUR 15) obligatory annual Tipo Brda membership




Bring your favourite drawing tools (fine liners, markers, pencils, pens, white-out, a sketchbook, …). A laptop computer is required, we suggest the application Glyphs. However, if you work with any other font editor this is not an obstacle. The workshop crew will provide transparent paper and other stationery.


Apply until: 30 January 2017