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Glyphs 3


The complete Mac font editor for pros & designers alike.
Create, produce and release font families, icon systems or just logos with ease and power.

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macOS 10.11 or above required

Powerful Basics

Glyphs Mini 2

The light-weight Mac font editor for beginners.

Dip your toes into the world of type design and make your first fonts, icon sets or logos with ease.

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macOS 10.11 or above required

Discount licensing for Glyphs 3

  • Volume

    Need four or more licenses for your office? Ask us about volume discounts.

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  • Educational

    If you are currently a student at a school, university, or other institution, you are entitled to a 50% discount.

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  • Teachers

    Are you part of the teaching staff at a design school or university? You are entitled to a 33% discount.

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  • Schools

    Need Glyphs licenses in a lab at your school? Ask us for a quote for a school license. It comes with free temp licenses for student MacBooks. (VPAT available.)

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  • Workshops

    Are you organizing a workshop? Ask us about free temporary licenses for your participants, and perhaps also provide us with workshop info we can add to Events on this site.

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Compare and choose

Glyphs 3

  • Quickly and easily create full-fledged OpenType font families, variable fonts, images and SFSymbols.

  • Edit, space and kern glyphs in a word context, advanced vector drawing tools, free handbook and tutorials available.

  • Full support for all scripts supported by the Opentype standards, including complex writing systems.

  • Automatic feature generation, and advanced OpenType feature editor with live code verification, syntax highlighting, interpolatable number values and smart code tokens.

  • Import OTF, TTF, PS Type1, UFO, font metrics. Export OTF, TTF, UFO, variable fonts (OTVar), WOFF, WOFF2, color fonts, SFSymbols, glyphs as images (PDF, SVG, PNG), font metrics. Native file support for Glyphs, Glyphs Package, Glyphs Project, UFO.

  • Advanced PostScript and TrueType hinting. TTF Autohint integrated.

  • Wide range of built-in filters and third-party plug-ins and script collections. Over 100 free third-party extensions available for one-click installation within the Plugin Manager.

  • Reuse shapes with components, corner, cap and segment components, with smart components and brushes. Smart copying and pasting.

  • Highly optimized for multi-layer, multiple-master and color editing, advanced batch- and post-production with custom parameters including in-line documentation.

Download free 30-day trial →

macOS 10.11 or above required

Glyphs Mini 2

  • Quickly and easily create single-master OpenType fonts.

  • Edit, space and kern glyphs in a word context, advanced vector drawing tools, free handbook and tutorials available.

  • Support for simple scripts like Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Symbol and Emoji charsets.
    No support for scripts that require complex positioning, such as Arabic, South Asian and Southeast Asian scripts.

  • Automatic OpenType feature generation for localized forms (locl), fractions (frac), ordinals (ordn), discretionary (dlig) and standard ligatures (liga).
    No support for other OT features, or manual feature code.

  • Import OTF and TTF. Export OTF and CFF-based WOFF. Drag-and-drop import of SVG pictures, clipboard import of Illustrator outlines. Native file support for single-master Glyphs files only.
    No support for variable fonts (OTVar), TTF, color fonts, WOFF2, UFO, multiple-master Glyphs, Glyphs Package, Glyphs Projects, SFSymbols, image export.

  • Reuse shapes with components, corner and cap components.
    No support for smart, brush and segment components.

  • Built-in filters: Hatch Outline, Offset Paths, Round Corners, Transformations.
    No support for third-party plug-ins or scripts.

  • No support for: layers, multiple masters, interpolation, variable fonts, color fonts, color icons, image export, custom OpenType features, TT editing and hinting, extensions (filters, plug-ins, scripts, macros), full font info settings, advanced batch processing, smart components, segment components, brush components. These features are available in Glyphs 3 only.

Download free 30-day trial →

macOS 10.11 or above required

Glyphs has loads of killer features that satisfy newcomers and veterans alike. I can’t work without it anymore.

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