Type Design Workshops at London Design Festival 2018

1921 September 2018

Craft in the Digital Age is a series of 6 half-day workshops where you will learn how to build and construct your own typeface from paper, from scratch.

Participants receive an extended trial license and can purchase their own full license at a discount.

Craft in the Digital Age: Make your own Typeface

6 half-day workshops between 19 and 21 September.

The process will be simple, therapeutic, craft focussed and collaborative. You will gain a deeper understanding of what typeface design is and can be. You will walk away with a tangible result that you can use again and again, as well as the feeling of wanting to do and create more.

The process will be documented and kept by Alexandra Lunn Studio who will then create a collective font from the 3 day period which will then be shared with you for you to use on a Mac, which we will then send out to all participants later in the year as a souvenir and a reminder of the fun of an interactive workshop.


The Swiss Church in London
79 Endell St, London WC2H 9DY

How Much?

GBP 50 per half-day workshop




Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled.