Upgrading to Glyphs 3

If you have purchased a license for Glyphs Mini 2 or Glyphs 2, you can upgrade to Glyphs 3 at a discount. See the instructions below for detailed information.

Upgrading from Glyphs 2

If you already have a license for Glyphs 2, you can upgrade for half the price. Did you buy your license on or after 1 June 2020? If yes, then you can upgrade for free!

If you ordered directly from us, a coupon code has been sent to the e-mail you used for your Glyphs 2 license.

If you did not receive or cannot find our upgrade e-mail, or you do not have access to the original e-mail address anymore, please get in touch and ask for your coupon code. For speeding up the process, consider attaching or quoting your order confirmation for Glyphs 2. Also, consider putting glyphsapp.com on the allow list of your spam filter, so our messages can actually get through to you.

Upgrading from Glyphs Mini 2

If you purchased Glyphs Mini 2 in the Apple AppStore, and want to move to Glyphs 3, you are entitled to a discount of part of the Glyphs Mini 2 price. As proof of purchase, please forward the e-mail containing the iTunes Store receipt to us, and you will receive a coupon code in return.

If you purchased Glyphs Mini 2 directly from our web store, please send us an e-mail with your license file attached. You will receive a coupon code for part of the price you paid for Glyphs Mini 2.


Multiple discounts cannot be added on top of each other. This also includes teacher and student discounts. Check your spam folder if you are not receiving anything, or make sure you still have access to the e-mail address your license was registered for. If you still have problems, please get in touch.

There are no discounts available for Glyphs Mini 2 because the app itself is already considered to be sold at a discount.