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Free public alpha, macOS 10.10+

CommitGlyphs is an a git client for .glyphs files.

CommitGlyphs fonds and displays all differences between local and remote files, and allows you to sync, select, merge and commit changes.

How to use CommitGlyphs

Alpha version: everything you read here is subject to change frequently.

  1. File > Open (Cmd-O) and choose a folder containing a git repository. (Attention: if opening does not work, try dragging the folder onto the CommitGlyphs icon in the dock.)
  2. CommitGlyphs will show .glyphs files that have uncommitted changes. Check boxes of the files you want to change. (Attention: no warning is shown if there are no changes in the repository.)
  3. CommitGlyphs will display uncommitted differences in the selected files.
  4. Select the changes you want to commit by selecting their checkboxes.
  5. Enter a commit message in the text field at the top of the window.
  6. Press Commit.

Installation and requirements

CommitGlyphs runs on any Mac with macOS 10.10 or later. To install it, simply download and unzip the app, and move it to the Applications folder.

Currently, CommitGlyphs is available as a free public alpha. Do not use for critical projects yet.