8 October 2022

Join us at AGTC 2022. Two presentations will focus on type design with Glyphs, and of course, meet us in the breaks!

From the conference description:

‘Hangeul type designs have continuously evolved since the 20th century. There has also been an increase in the types of discussions possible, such as new designs, techniques used for production, changes in the type market, and type design education. AG Type Conference(AGTC) is a meeting venue for holding professional discussions for those in the type design field, following current trends. The event, which is centered on working-level designers, will provide insights for the type industry, and create the type industry network.’

Book presentation: ‘Glyphs Type Design’

8 Oct 2022, 16:30

We would like to introduce 『Glyphs Type Design (workroompress)』 co-written with designer Ham Minjoo.

Although there are a number of programs to create types, only a few are specialized to develop Hangeul types. Most of them are centered on Latin, so there is only a little bit of support for letters other than Latin. Glyphs has a function just for Hangeul including the “Hangeul Combination Group,” and also has various convenient functions such as smart component and multiple master. In addition, another strength of Glyphs is that external programmers can develop and provide new functions as a plug-in. It will be possible to create more creative new types in the future in an environment with such a great program.

This book was written to share information regarding the useful functions of Glyphs and great plug-ins. It also includes a number of concerns and thoughts the authors had while writing the book.


Noh Eunyou

Lecture: ‘Work smart, not hard: efficient shaping in type design’

8 Oct 2022, 17:00

Smart component technologies are revolutionising type design. Asian writing systems profit greatly from efficient methods of reusing shapes. Designers can save a lot of time and nerves. And it does not stop at type: the technologies may be used for other design purposes as well. Join Glyphs member Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer on a tour-de-force of what is possible today.


Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer