330 September 2021

This September, why not take part in a font-related art project? Join Korean artist Hyun-seok Kim in the ASSY project. From the project overview:

ASSY stands for ‘Assembly’, which is primarily used in the machinery industry. We want to explore the structure of images produced in today's technical/mechanical civilization in terms of generation. Based on type font research, it is a project to create an assembly-image protocol that images fonts, types them, and generates images. We study the underlying structure of the welcome-image, moving slightly away from the trajectory of modern technology used today, and pay attention to non-visible mechanisms.

Participants receive an extended trial license and can purchase their own full license at a discount.

ASSY workshop & visual arts exhibition

Workshop: 1-30 August 2021 (workshop schedule may be changed depending on the pandemic situation)
Exhibition: 3–30 September 2021

Participants will be provided with ASSY Kit, which will acquire new image-language and conduct various image experiments. Results from research and experiments conducted through several meetings and workshops over a period of time will be archived offline and online. The offline exhibition of the ASSY project will consist of a comprehensive form of experimental process and results, as well as images produced during the ASSY project, images of beta testers, and archives of research processes.

The ASSY font is characterized by a combination of multiple alphabets (as is the case with Hangul) and reconstructed into a new form of image. The current font composition will produce a combination of the English alphabet with black-and-white shading, Korean consonants, and a mixture of vowels, luminosity, and consonants in pattern shading, along with the CGA to VGA category of color regions. This font will not only be able to draw images like writing, but it will also be made into an OpenType-SVG type that allows color implementation.

Customized ASSY keyboards, USB memory sticks containing ASSY fonts, and manuals will be provided to specific users. The keycap of the ASSY keyboard is imprinted with images, colors, tones, and symbols that correspond to the ASSY fonts the particpants will create. Note: ASSY Kits are only available for offline participants in Korea.


Hyun-seok Kim's art studio, or online video workshop (depending on the COVID19 situation)

For Whom?

Writers, artists, graphic designers, programmers, etc. Maximum attendance: 10 participants.

How Much?



Korean and English


Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 3 preinstalled.


Contact Hyun-seok Kim and ask for paricipation