Design a Script Typeface with Lila Symons at Kerning 2019

56 June 2019
Faenza, Italy

We are happy to announce a Glyphs workshop with type designer Lila Symons (Hallmark Cards), at the beginning of summer, at Kerning 2019 in Faenza, Italy. Glyphs team member Rainer Scheichelbauer will be present for technical support.

Participants receive an extended trial license and can purchase their own full license at a discount.

Workshop: Design a Script Font with Lila Symons

Wednesday & Thursday 5–6 June 2019
10.00 a.m.—5.30 p.m., including breaks

Start a font project with renowned lettering artist and type designer Lila Symons. You will learn how to:

  • look at your lettering and sketches and see if they will work as a font,
  • turn your sketches into clean, working outlines,
  • learn how to use vector autotracing the right way to create fonts with texture,
  • learn what letters to draw in glyphs so you can connect and space all your letters well,
  • apply optical corrections,
  • develop your drawings into a working font,
  • create basic alternates for your letters,
  • create OpenType features for making sure the right letter variants appear in the right positions,
  • test and improve your design,

… and many more details of the type design process. Glyphs team member Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer will assist Lila.

Attendees receive a time-limited Glyphs license for free, and can purchase a full, unlimited personal license of the software at a discount.


Biblioteca Comunale di Faenza (1st Floor)
Via Manfredi n. 14
Faenza (RA)


Lila Symons




No prior knowledge of type design necessary, but knowledge of typography fundamentals will be useful. Experience with vector graphics, using Adobe applications (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), and hand lettering/calligraphy is useful.

Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled; optionally install Image Vectorizer.

Feel free to bring your favorite pens, inks and paper to draw and write letters with. iPads are welcome if that is what you use to draw and letter with.


All details and registration on the Kerning 2019 Workshops page