2729 April 2020
Düsseldorf, Germany

See you for the first time at the infamous Beyond Tellerrand conference!

Lecture: ‘Things you did not know your fonts could do … and why you should stop using SVG on your website’

27–29 April 2020
(precise slot t.b.a.)

Can you put animations into a font? And what about games? And what did Turkish president Erdoğan have to do with it? Learn the answers to these question, and what you should use instead of SVG in your web projects from now on, in this fun tour de force through modern font technology. Disclaimer: this lecture contains no prefabricated slides, all typing is done live on stage.


Capitol Theater
Erkrather Straße 30
40233 Düsseldorf


Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer



Workshop: Create an Icon Font

29 April 2020
(precise time t.b.a.)

Learn how to create simple icons in the font editor Glyphs, integrate them into your web design, and enhance them by adding colours, and making them move. It’s easier than you think.

This workshop provides an introduction to responsive icon design, and covers color font as well as variable font technology. It will touch some basic CSS techniques, and a few tricks from type design.

We’ll create a handful of simple icons in the font editor Glyphs, export a webfont, test it, and integrate them to a simple HTML/CSS. We will proceed to make the icons variable by adding a weight variant to it. Again, we will see how we can test it, and also integrate it into our HTML/CSS, which we will make responsive. We will learn how to animate icons with pure CSS. Eventually, we will add color, test different color formats and see which browsers support which formats.


Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer


English and German


Bring your MacBook with Glyphs preinstalled. Basic HTML/CSS skills helpful.


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