2528 August 2022
Raabs, Austria

international and local speakers will talk about type and type development and their technical, design and socio-political aspects. the »symposion« has always been a hedonistic meeting and an international exchange platform far away from business and wages.

we take four days for lectures, discussions, talks and workshops. due to its location, the seclusion of the place – and its reduced infrastructure – proves to be a blessing for focusing on content.

the tga sees itself as a representative of the interests of designers who value typography and have recognized its effectiveness. we offer a forum for typographic excellence and expertise in austria. thanks to our members, the 16 speakers from nine and the five exhibitors from four nations, the workshop leaders Andreas Ortag, Babsi Daum, Shoko Mugikura and Rainer Scheichelbauer, the culinary accompaniment of Boris Kochan, the ambience with the aspects waldviertel, castle raabs and the castle lady Helga and the castle lord Richard Pils, livemusic as well as eierschwammerl and mohnnudel we should succeed also this seventh (twice postponed) time.

Glyphs First Aid

25 through 28 August

‘glyphs.app makers georg seifert and rainer erich scheichelbauer are available around the clock for first aid with your .glyphs file: bring your font on a memory stick or your laptop and get free first-hand feedback.’


grab Georg or Rainer whenever and wherever you see them on the castle


Georg Seifert and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

How Much?

free for participants of the symposion


German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French


bring your font on a memory stick or your laptop