8 February 2019
St.Petersburg, Russia

Learn how to create variable fonts with Glyphs! Glyphs core team member Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer will hold a Glyphs Magic Day in St. Petersburg. A unique chance for all local type designers to be able to learn all the unique features of Glyphs.

Participants receive an extended trial license and can purchase their own full license at a discount.

Создание Вариативных Шрифтов в Glyphs вместе с Райнером Эрихом Шайхельбауэром

8 February

Learn how to:

  • create a variable font from scratch
  • convert an existing Multiple Master setup into a Variable Font
  • prepare outlines for glyph variations
  • trace down and fix errors, avoid potential pitfalls
  • optional settings (custom parameters)
  • useful scripts and plug-ins for the workflow
  • export and test in AI and web browsers
  • animate a glyph in a web browser

You will be taken through a Variable Font workflow, with ample opportunity for questions and feedback. That means that also Multiple Master technology and interpolation in general will be addressed, and the small details that can make a difference.

Plus more Glyphs Magic:

  • color fonts: let your letters shine
  • reusing shapes with corner components
  • saving time with custom parameters


Аптекарский проспект
дом 2, литера З, офис 7


Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

How Much?

Early bird pricing available:
RUB 9900 until 27 Jan
RUB 12000 until 03 Feb
RUB 15000 until 07 Feb


English (with Russian translation)


Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled.