45 November 2023

Ever wanted to design a funky font from the 60s or turn some great lettering into a font? This weekend workshop is a great opportunity to do it! In this two-day class, you will choose a lettering of your choice and study it to turn it into a font. You will design the characters on the iPad, with the Fontself app, including spacing, and create some fun specific features using Opentype in the font-design software Glyphs!

ILT Workshop: Lettering to Font

Saturday & Sunday, 4–5 November 2023,
classes take place 1-8pm UK time

In the Saturday session, we will start by analyzing the lettering piece you chose. You will understand it in order to create the rest of the alphabet. Then you will use it to create all characters in the Fontself app, with a pencil, hand-made, just like in the old days, and tha app will take care of vectorization and spacing.

On Sunday, you will design some fun ligatures and stylistic letters in order to give a more natural feeling to your font. We will then move to Glyphs, adjust glyphs settings and spacing when needed, and start create some magic with Opentype features, like integrating ligatures, a stylistic set so you don’t use the same letter design twice in the same word (like two different a’s for example so it does not really feel like a font) and add some bouncing to the lettering so they don’t all fit strictly on the base line and feel more natural for a hand drawn font.


Francis Chouquet

For Whom?

The course is open to a maximum of 15 participants.

How Much?

GBP 350




You will need is a stable internet connection, an iPad and a Mac with Glyphs 3 preinstalled.