1213 August 2023

Ever wanted to design your own typeface, but wondered where to start?
This weekend workshop is a fantastic opportunity to get started designing type. Go beyond choosing the same typefaces from the type menu to creating your own! In this two-day class, you’ll learn the basics of designing and generating a variable font with font-design software Glyphs (Mac only).

Weekend workshop: Typeface Design for Non-Type Designers

Saturday and Sunday, August 12 and 13, 2023,
classes take place from 9am to 5pm EST, New York time
(Includes a one-hour lunch break.)

In the Saturday session, we will learn the basics of drawing a font, generate the font, and use it in an Adobe app or a web browser. In the afternoon, we’ll add additional letters to the font, learning how to space them, add diacritics and punctuation.

On Sunday, we’ll design a bold version of the same typeface, create a variable font — and animate in a web browser.


Matteo Bologna
Rainer Scheichelbauer

How Much?

GBP 350


English. In a pinch, we can help in Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch too.


A stable internet connection and a Mac are required. You’ll get a free trial version of Glyphs 3.