58 June 2018
Faenza, Italy

We will be present at L’infinito: Kerning 2018, with some nice things in the goody bags. See you at our workshop!

Workshop: Create Your Own Variable Font

June 7, 10.00 – 17.30

Variable Fonts: the future of type. Learn how to build a variable font in Glyphs, and make it animate, even. You will learn how to set up font projects in Glyphs, add variable font axes to it, and walk home with an emoji animation and a variable font with a few letters and a few axes. You will test it in Axis Praxis, get it to work properly in the latest Adobe apps, and animate it with a little HTML and CSS in a web browser. Plus: which Python scripts and plug-ins can help you with building an OTVar font.

Be prepared for some fun. :-)


Biblioteca Comunale di Faenza
Via Manfredi 14, Faenza (RA)


Laurence Penney (Axis Praxis)
Rainer Scheichelbauer
Georg Seifert

For Whom?

20 attendees max. No prior experience in type design required. This workshop is for newbies and experienced type designers alike. (If necessary, we split into two groups.)

How Much?

EUR 99 (includes coffee and lunch)




Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled. And a recent browser: If you do not run macOS High Sierra on your MacBook, download the latest Chrome or Firefox, please.


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