67 October 2018

Type Jam is a fun event for people of all skill levels. We’re hoping to bring together two communities: those who make typography (e.g. letterers, type designers, font engineers), and those who use typography (e.g. graphic designers, product designers, etc.). Make fonts, make friends, have fun!

Participants receive an extended trial license and can purchase their own full license at a discount. And… the winning team will receive Glyphs licenses, and the runners-up Glyph Mini licenses!

Type Jam London 2018

Sat 6 Oct & Sun 7 Oct 2018

Type Jam is an opportunity for both novices and experts to experience and explore different disciplines and methods for creating beautiful type in a very constrained time period.

We created Type Jam to make it easier for people without traditional type design experience to start designing fonts. By mixing both amateurs and pros in a room together for 48 hours, some amazing things can happen!

Whether you're a graphic designer, letterer, muralist, engineer, unemployed, Type Jam can get you one step closer to creating your very first font!

For you pros out there, Type Jam can also be a place to experiment with new techniques, styles, Python scripting, while mentoring people new to the craft.


Dalton Maag
9th Floor, Blue Star House
234-240 Stockwell Rd
Brixton, London SW9 9SP

For Whom?

Experience: optional
Beginners and pros

How Much?

GBP 27.54




Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled.