2021 October 2022

‘Mashq Conference is a landmark event that brings together professionals, scholars, and students to explore historical developments, research material, technology updates, and emerging trends in the field of Arabic typography, type design, lettering, and regional visual communication in particular.’

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Presentation: ‘An Arabic font editor called Glyphs’

Friday 21 Oct 2022, 18:00

The Arabic script was one of the first scripts to be supported by the popular Glyphs font editing program. After witnessing the complexity of creating Arabic fonts, it became very clear that the current process of developing fonts could be improved, allowing Arabic type design to become more accessible. This journey of improving the current font production process was successful, and eventually led to the addition of Indic and CJK scripts. Join lead developer, Georg Seifert, on a quick tour-de-force taking a closer look at the history, key features, and the latest developments of Glyphs.


American University of Beirut


Georg Seifert