12 June 2024
Conference with workshop

Following the success of the first Now23 edition, we return to the same place with new line up of art directors, graphic designers and type designers, all passionate about good design and quality typography.

Among the conference speakers, listen to international type experts such as Carolina Laudon, Jeremy Tankard, Marta Cerdà Alimbau, Paul Shaw and Vika & Vita Lupokhina.

Workshop: Font Making 101

Sunday 2 June, 2024, 9am—6pm

In this fun one-day crash course, conducted by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer (who speaks French), go from zero to one hundred and learn making fonts from three different angles. Complete with the latest insider tricks and pro insights.

In this Glyphs crash course, you will learn how to make three fonts in one day:

— A pixel font
— A handwriting font
— A geometric sans

A unique chance for graphic and type designers to meet Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, part of Glyphs core team!

A few days before the day of the workshop, you will be invited to Basecamp.com which will bring together participants and instructors. This workshop provides a unique chance for type designers to meet Glyphs core team! Georg Seifert and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer will conduct this workshop at TypeParis.


Address confirmed at registration


Georg Seifert
Rainer Scheichelbauer

How Much?

EUR 160

Buy a Now24 ticket and use the coupon code GLYPHSNOW24 to save €40 on the group purchase.


English and Frenglish, mais les francophones sont bienvenus puisque Rainer parle français.


Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 3 preinstalled.


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