9 October 2022
Ulsan, Korea

See you at the 2022 Oesol International Typography Poster Exhibition & Conference, part of
Hangeul Culture and Arts Festival in Ulsan! Enjoy the poster exhibition, and stick around in the evening for some socializing.

From the event description, proudly presented by UBC Ulsan Broadcasting Corporation and City of Ulsan:

The Hangeul Culture and Arts Festival is a citizen participatory art festival that encompasses the historical, traditional, and literary values of Hangeul. Centering around the original downtown area in Jung-gu, Ulsan, and the Memorial Hall of Oesol Choi Hyun-bae (the greatest Hangeul research scholar), and the University of Ulsan for conducting performances, art exhibitions, academics, and workshop programs related to Hangeul are held, including the opening ceremony.

Since the 4th Hangeul Culture and Arts Festival in 2015, Hangeul typography and Hangeul calligraphy contests have been held nationwide and are trying to promote the ‘Hangeul-centered city Ulsan’ brand. In particular, it operates a ‘Hangeul Tayo’ bus campaign project that connects the main event site, Jung-gu original city center, and Oesol Choi Hyun Bae’s memorial hall, and operates customized programs for children such as a Hangeul playground.

Keynote: Entering a smart era of type design

9 Oct 2022, 16:00

Smart technologies enable type designers to work more efficiently, faster and more precise than ever before, allowing unprecedented quality and scopes of font projects. And the best thing is, developers and designers work closely together to build such smart tools, enabling type communities around the globe. In this presentation, Rainer will show examples of smart technologies in use in Hangeul and Latin.


Ulsan City Art Museum


Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer