26 March30 April 2023
Online Workshop

‌A fun, practical workshop in six Sunday sessions about how to use Python scripts to improve font production—for type designers with little to no coding experience.

Python Scripting for Type Design

6 Zoom sessions, Sundays Mar 26 – Apr 30
Duration: 3 hours each

  • 1-1 coaching over Slack & Zoom

This series of workshops is hands-on, engaging, and pragmatic. We will focus entirely on type design use cases for Python—building scripts together piece by piece, at a manageable pace. While I have many examples for us to learn from, the most exciting ones are those that you and other participants think up!

Working on a font with tabular figures? Let’s write a script to help! Need to adjust the position of all your top diacritics? We can do that together.

If you have taken other Python classes, this will feel different.


  • Understand what scripting is and what it’s capable of in the context of type design.
  • Feel less intimidated around code.
  • Understand when scripting makes sense, and when it’s more efficient to do something manually.
  • Learn the basics of Python, basic programming concepts, and the essential skill of breaking down “problems” into a sequence of solvable steps.
  • Feel empowered to write your own basic scripts, suited to the needs of your font projects.


Want to learn more or see examples from the workshop? Join one of the Q&A Zoom calls
📅 10AM and 5PM US Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 7


Peter Nowell

For Whom?

Type designers of all skill levels; students and pros alike. The curriculum is designed for those who do not know how to code or who only know a little bit of code (ex: “I learned some JavaScript years ago”).

How Much?

USD 960 (BIPOC scholarships available)