16 January30 April 2024
Online Program

Immerse yourself in the world of type design while surrounded by the support of industry professionals and a community of like-minded typophiles. This live, online program is for designers who already have the beginnings of a typeface, but want to build it out into a multi-weight family.
By the end, you’ll be ready to tackle more complex projects with more confidence, and will have a better understanding of contemporary type design practice.
Join us Winter 2024 and dig deeper into typeface design.

— 15-week type design course
— All sessions are live and online
— Tuition is set on a sliding scale
— Sessions are held in English

Participants who do not have a Glyphs license yet receive an extended trial license and can purchase their own full license at a discount.

Practica Latin Two: Expansion

16 January through 30 April 2024,
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 a.m. CST (Chicago)

What you’ll learn:

  • Designing according to the intended use of your font
  • Building a strong visual system
  • Structuring font families and their design spaces
  • Creating new weights or styles through interpolation
  • Developing a more efficient and reflective type design process
  • Expanding character sets and designing diacritics
  • Keeping yourself motivated throughout development
  • The importance of writing systems outside Latin
  • Insight into the professional world of typeface design

What’s included:

  • Live classes held over Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Lectures, feedback sessions, font file reviews, focused instruction to push your ideas further
  • Ability to watch lectures again (lectures are live, but recorded)
  • Individual feedback on your typeface
  • Five guest lectures and one critique from industry professionals
  • Access to our private Discord community
  • Free trial Glyphs license


  • Jan 16: Course introductions + lecture
  • Jan 18: Lecture: the brief, making useful type
  • Jan 23: Project introductions
  • Jan 25: Lecture: systems in typeface design
  • Jan 30: Mini lecture: designing proofs for feedback + feedback session
  • Feb 1: Lecture: planning your typeface family, intro to interpolation
  • Feb 6: Feedback session
  • Feb 8: Lecture: interpolation and its possibilities, design space ideation
  • Feb 13: Review of students’ font files
  • Feb 15: Guest lecture: a case study with Alice Savoie
  • Feb 20: Feedback session
  • Feb 22: Flex session: Q&A
  • Feb 27: Feedback session
  • Feb 29: Lecture: design of special characters
  • Mar 4—8: Individual feedback sessions
  • Mar 12: Feedback session
  • Mar 14: Guest lecture with Pooja Saxena
  • Mar 19: Feedback session with Fer Cozzi
  • Mar 21: Guest lecture: the design of diacritics with Aleksandra Samuļenkova
  • Mar 25—29: No class this week, extended Easter holiday
  • Apr 2: Flex session: Q&A
  • Apr 4: Feedback session: diacritics with Aleksandra Samuļenkova
  • Apr 9: Feedback session
  • Apr 11: Guest lecture with Ulrike Rausch
  • Apr 16: Feedback session
  • Apr 18: Guest panel: careers paths in type with Veronika Burian, Romina Hernández, and Amy Hood
  • Apr 22—26: Individual feedback sessions
  • Apr 30: Final presentations 🎉

Our program is now two complementary courses, Practica One and Two, that can be taken back-to-back or separately, totaling 21 weeks in all (with a nice break in between).


Live Zoom sessions


Nicole Dotin, Process Type Foundry
Sol Matas, Hungry Type Society

Visiting Instructors
Alice Savoie
Aleksandra Samuļenkova
Amy Hood, Hoodzpah Inc
Fer Cozzi
Pooja Saxena, Matra Type
Romina Hernández, Tortilla studio
Ulrike Rausch, LiebeFonts
Veronika Burian, Type-Together

For Whom?

Some experience with type design expected. Read more.

How Much?

Starting at USD 1600




Mac with Glyphs preinstalled. Internet connection, a layout program like Affinity Publisher or InDesign. Zoom and Discord accounts (both free).