READSEARCH Variable Font Workshop at PXL-MAD School of Arts

49 December 2020

Finally, good news for 2020. Save the dates: 4 and 9 December. Two days dedicated to multiple font masters, understanding interpolation, and creating variable fonts.

READSEARCH Variable Font Workshop

Friday 4 December 2020, 10:30–17:00 CET
Wednesday 9 December 2020, 11:30–17:30 CET
Including 1 hour lunch break

Go from mere vectors to interpolation for creating a full font family. Learn how to:

  • set up multiple interpolatable masters,
  • set up and export instances,
  • find a a good weight distribution for your instances,
  • understand and circumvent interpolation problems such as kinks and shapeshifters,
  • set up intermediate masters (‘brace layers’) and alternate masters (‘bracket layers’)
  • export a variable font from your MM setup,
  • make feature code react to axis positions (feature variations),
  • understand advanced variable font settings,
  • make your variable font work in Adobe apps,
  • test your variable fonts.


Online workshop (via Microsoft Teams)


Rainer Scheichelbauer, Glyphs team member

For Whom?

This is not a total beginner’s workshop. Some experience with type design and/or font engineering expected, however no experience about interpolation required.

How Much?

EUR 90 participation fee (max 15 seats)
Free for students and alumni of PXL-MAD School of Arts




Mac (minimum macOS 10.11+, 10.13+ recommended), broadband internet connection, Microsoft Teams and the latest Glyphs 3 version.


Send an e-mail to res at glyphsapp dot com. If you are a PXL-MAD student, please get in touch with Ann Bessemans and María Pérez Mena.