Type Design A-Z by Lynne Yun

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Massive 4-month online course by Lynne Yun! If you ever wanted to jump into type design, this is the moment.

Online Course: Type Design A-Z


Online; so any time, but will be updated June through September 2020


Lynne Yun

How much?

From $25 for students and $45 for professionals

For whom?

Beginner to intermediate


A computer with a Mac operating system, Adobe Indesign or similar text layout software


Register until June 11th


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This online series aims to build a solid foundation of knowledge for what you need to know before embarking on your first typeface design, and then carrying it to the finish line. This series will approach the art and craft of type design from multiple angles, such as providing plenty of historical context in addition to practical insights into the type design process. Instruction for software tutorials will also be covered in depth using Glyphs App.