22 October 2022
Online Workshop

Viktor Baltus is conducting an online type design intro class:

‘Always wanted to learn how to make fonts? Then this is for you. A Basics introduction to Glyphs Mini. Create serif and sans serif fonts, add diacritics and get your questions answered in our Discord!’

Font Making Workshop

Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2022
12:00-16:00 EST New York (18:00–22:00h CET)

Learn to create your own fonts in Glyphs Mini: After this workshop you’ll be able to draw sans serif and serif fonts, create your own serif styles, have a good understanding how to add accents and diacritics, and know the basics of the interface and tools of Glyphs Mini.

  • 4 hours of Live Video
  • Learn how to draw smooth curves and letters
  • Understand spacing, kerning, and accents
  • Get your questions answered directly
  • A perfect proportions font template
  • A helpful Guidebook
  • Bonus: 2 weeks of access to our Discord for all your questions about Glyphs Mini

Glyphs Mini is the little brother of Glyphs 3, at just $49 (there’s a free trial version available) it’s the perfect starting software to create professional single weight fonts. If you’ve worked with Adobe Illustrator before you’ll soon notice that the pen tool in Glyphs is way more advanced and that you can create perfect curves with the tools and settings. No more wondering if your nodes align or that your font doesn’t have all the accents, in Glyphs you can create all possible accents and diacritics (for multiple languages) in a fly. Here at Type Design Class we use Glyphs every day and are looking forward to teach you the basics of it.*


Viktor Baltus

For Whom?

Entry level: Beginners (though all levels are welcome, even if you’ve played around in Glyphs before)

How Much?

USD 175 (Student Discount: 20% OFF if you can email me a copy of your valid student ID)




  • A Mac (Glyphs doesn’t work on Windows)
  • Glyphs Mini installed (there’s an option for a trial version)
  • Mouse (recommended not to use a trackpad)
  • Proper internet connection for Livestream