24 July4 August 2017
Zurich, Switzerland

Spend two Summer weeks in Zürich working on your first typeface under the guidance of two experienced Swiss type designers. This and other great Stuff is happening during Typo Summer in Switzerland.

Workshop ‘The Fundamentals of Type Design’

24 July – 4 August
Monday through Friday, 9.00–17.00 h

Initially, we write letters of the Latin alphabet with pencil, quill pen and brush. This provides an awareness of form, proportion, and rhythm of characters. Stroke widths, stems, hairlines, diagonals, curves, as well as terminals and serifs are discussed and practiced. Design approaches are formulated and revised until the font’s basic features, proportions, and nature are defined.
After an introduction to the font design software ‘Glyphs’, the design drafts are digitized. In a systematic approach, the font is extended to a complete character set, until a text with a pleasing appearance can be set.
Daily mentorship and feedback will accompany the design and implementation process.
Each participant should take away profound technical knowledge and their own font, ready for application.


Zürich, precise location t.b.a.


Jonas Niedermann
Anton Studer

For Whom?

All designers interested in type

How Much?

CHF 1400




Pencil, paper, MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled