1415 September 2016
Zagreb, Croatia

Seating is limited to twelve participants, so be quick to sign up for Jean-François Porchez’ type design workshop in Zagreb!

Participants will receive an extended trial license for Glyphs and can purchase a full license at a discount.

Dizajniranje Slovnih Oblika (Type Design Workshop)

Wed 14 and Thu 15 September
9:30 – 17:00

Through the analysis of character forms, participants will learn:

  • the importance of negative space
  • the construction of letters with vertical and oblique axis
  • options for stroke endings
  • how letters can be modular without being geometric
  • the required precision in the drawings

Day 1 (Wednesday, 14 September)
The workshop will begin with calligraphy exercises to help understand the structure and proportions of letters. Several lowercase letters will be explored, working on contrast and stroke endings, and how the character of these letters can be applied to the entire alphabet.

Day 2 (Thursday, 15 September)
The drawings of day 1 and additional letters will be digitized and properly spaced.


Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo
Boškovićeva 18, Zagreb, Hrvatska



How Much?

HRK 1000


English and French


Please send an e-mail to: tajnistvo (at) dizajn (dot) hr