15 July 2019
Aarhus, Denmark

Typothon Summer School is an intensive 5-day type design academy with focus on the fundamentals of type design as a craft. The curriculum will consist of history, theory and hands-on type design. We will work analogue with calligraphy and sketching as well as digitally with Glyphs.

During the 5 days participants will begin designing and producing a professional font, and get the tools to continue working on it. After the summer school, the participants will have a good understanding of the anatomy of letters, the structure and drawing of typefaces, and a fundamental understanding of type design that they can build on.

Typothon Summer School

1 – 5 July, 9:00 — 17:00 daily

The aim of the course is to draw a set of letters, numbers and symbols that constitute the basis of a professional typeface, as well as learning the basics of type history, calligraphy, coding, kerning and spacing. Participants will have the tools to continue drawing their typeface and export it to professional standards.

Day 1: Type history and calligraphy:
The first day is about the history of typography. We look at the tools and techological advances that have shaped letters as we know them today, and that has influences the deveopment of type for the last 20 years. After lunch we start working with calligraphy using pen and copperplate, doing quick exercises.

Day 2: Calligraphy and sketching:
The second day is more calligraphic exercises, as well as an introduction to lettering and sketching methods. The aim of the day is to create letterforms to build on for the rest of the course.

Day 3: Sketching and digitalising:
The third day we will continue sketching and testing letterforms, and participants will draw words with letters that work together in a coherent whole. Participants are introduces to Glyphs and begin digitalising their sketches.

Day 4: Digitalising and testing:
The fourth day is all about digitalising, and participants work on a typeface based on their sketches. We introduce techniques and tricks to create uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and diacritics.

Day 5: Digitalising and production:
The last day we continue work on the typefaces. We go into spacing, kerning, hinting and basic coding. At the end of the day participants learn to export their fonts to professional standards.


USE Academy
Rosensgade 11
8000 Aarhus, Denmark


David Short (US)
Rene Sørensen (DK)
Élie Colistro (FR)

For Whom?

The course is suited for type beginners, amateurs and semi-pro’s can join the course, and the course instructors will assist participants at any level. 10 participants max.

How Much?

8000 Kr
(including breakfast, snacks and lunch)




Bring your MacBook with Glyphs 2 preinstalled. Also: Calligraphy pens (we have extra if everyone can’t bring their own), pencils, pens and sharpies/artliners