1218 July 2021
Chaumont, France

As part of the Biennale internationale de design graphique 2021, le Signe is pleased to announce our summer school Faire Parler les Lettres (Let Letters Speak) with Naïma Ben Ayed from 14 to 18 July in Chaumont, preceded by two short sessions by video conference on Tuesday 8 and 29 June at 18:30 o'clock CET.

This summer school is open to students in graphic design and typography as well as professionals interested by the cohabitation of writing and letter design systems.

Faire parler les lettres (Make letters speak)

12 to 18 July 2021 with preparatory phases;
actual workshop 14 to 17 July 2021

Letterforms are not neutral. They convey (hi)stories and cultures.
This workshop is located at the intersection between language and letterforms.

The French language contains many words of foreign origin, namely words that come from writing systems other than Latin, such as Arabic or Greek.
What are these words’ itineraries? How did they get into the French language, from one alphabet to another one?

We will investigate these questions through letterform design
Each participant will create a digital lettering in Latin letters starting from a word chosen from a different language/writing system.

This workshop is an invitation to experiment with the notion of typographic matchmaking, i.e. the visual harmonisation of different writing systems. All of these created letterings will become one page of a collective booklet printed by risograph and a series of posters. This workshop is open to graphic and type design students as well as professionals particularly interested in the cohabitation of scripts and type design.

Naïma is specialised in Arabic type letter design, yet any writing system that is familiar enough to the participants and in which they can bring together a corpus of graphic and typographic references will be welcomed.


Le Signe
Centre national du graphisme
F-52000 Chaumont


Naïma Ben Ayed

For Whom?

Students in graphic design / typography and professionals

How Much?

Free of charge


French and English


Your Mac with Glyphs, and basic knowledge about typography


Send your application including your CV, examples of personal or commissioned work and a letter by 25 May 2021 to Susanne dot Schroeder at cndg dot fr. Your registration will be confirmed by 5 June 2021.