2123 May 2024

Mark Yehan de Winne: ‘The number one reason why most graphic designers never draw their own typefaces is the limiting belief that only those with special expertise can do it.

I want to tell you, this is not the case. The best part is that once I learnt how to craft type and make fonts, even my branding and logo design work leveled up.’

Embark on a journey to demystify type design and unlock your creative potential with Glyphs: Your Gateway to Typographic Greatness.

Free Glyphs workshop: Your Gateway to Typographic Greatness

Tue 21, Wed 22, Thu 23 May, 2024
21:00–22:30 Singapore time (GMT+8)

If you want to learn the tools I used on my journey in type design, then join me as I share type designers’ best kept software secrets in my upcoming 3-night workshop. And not to mention receive bonus materials that will help you kickstart your type design journey in no time.

Walk away with a working font file of your original design in just 3 nights:

  • Day 1: Glyphs Software Introduction & How to Design Control Letters (O, H, N, n, o)
  • Day 2: Typographic Structures & Expansion of the Letter Set using GLYPHS
  • Day 3: How to Proof & Refine your Type Design, Glyphs Production Overview

By the culmination of the three nights, you'll emerge with:

  • A working font file of your draft font!
  • A profound understanding of Glyphs as a purpose-built tool for typographic design, whether it’s digitizing lettering or creating your bespoke font.
  • Insight into the interconnectedness of letters and their visual relationships.
  • Hands-on experience in creating bespoke letterforms to craft your next unique typeface
    Tips on how to continue finessing your work.

What’s more, all participants will also receive the following bonuses:

  • Bonus Video Training: How to use Glyphs to improve your graphic design and branding workflow
  • An Introduction to Type Design Workbook
  • Type Design Spacing Cheatsheet
  • Type Design Proofing Sheet Template
  • A special discount to the inaugural launch of Type Design Asia, an 8-week mentored course to Typeface Design that runs from end June to end August 2024.


Mark de Winne

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You will need a Mac with a good internet connection and Glyphs 3 installed.


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