Website update

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

8 September 2013

We felt that this site was due for a makeover, and so, we separated the Tutorials from the Blog, and this is the first regular blog entry.

The tutorials section now sports a search function, and all tutorials have tags assigned to them. So, finding the help you need is now easier than ever. Have fun exploring the improved navigation.

In the blog, we will announce Glyphs-related news, including upcoming workshops you can attend, presentations we will give, or conferences at which you can find us. New app versions and new plugins may make it into the blog just as well. Check back often, or subscribe to the RSS feed. A few announcements will follow in the course of this week already.

And if you have any Glyphs-related news you feel like sharing, please drop us a quick line.

Speaking of you… let us express our thanks for all the valuable feedback we receive from you, for both the app and the website. Keep it coming!

— The Glyphs Team