Glyphs 2.6.3 Released

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

31 October 2019

In time for Typostammtisch Berlin, we are happy to announce the latest stable version of Glyphs: version 2.6.3. Enjoy!

First and foremost, app version 2.6.3 is a maintenance update. We squished a couple of minor bugs and nuisances, thereby increasing stability. And while we were at it, we could up the performance a bit. All in all, a step up in the user experience of our favourite font editor.

Here is a list of things that got better:

  • Added to Glyph Data:
    • Byzantine Musical Symbols: byzantineMusic
    • Old Hungarian: rovas (also in sidebar, thanks to Roland)
  • Added OTVar variation for the palt feature (‘Proportional Alternate Widths’)
  • Minor OTVar improvements
  • Improved automated Oriya feature code (thanks Amélie and Sol)
  • Improved the display non-spacing marks in COLR fonts
  • Improved Preferences window layout in some localisations
  • Improved transformation of glyphs with corner components
  • Improved import of .designspace documents
  • Improved .eps import
  • Restored autohinting via the context menu in Font view
  • Fixed production names of ligatures with idotaccent
  • Fixed: adding of upper plane glyphs by character

Plus, a handful of smaller thingies, too small to mention, but you’ll love them nonetheless, we are sure. And again a big thanks to you, the users of Glyphs, especially in the forum: please keep those feature requests and bug reports coming!

PS: And in case you are in town, come to Typostammtisch Berlin! We have some cool stuff to show you tonight.