LTTR/INK 1.0 released

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

29 March 2021

The amazing LTTR/INK plug-in allows you to draw strokes with skeletons and brushes.

The amazing stroke tool LTTR/INK is now available as a stable version 1.0 release. LTTR/INK is a plug-in that allows you to work in a stroke-based workflow. Control font-wide and glyph-wide expansion settings, and override them individually at any point in your skeleton paths:

Some of you have been test-driving the tool already. Now, Martin and Filip, the Czech & Slovak dev team, also announced pricing models for the Glyphs 3 plug-in. There are two models:

  1. EUR 50 for ‘Letterer’ for simple drawing with brushes, or,
  2. EUR 120 for ‘Type Designer’ that helps you to maintain stroke styles and interpolate strokes.

The price includes one year of updates. Optionally renew for another year for EUR 37.50 (Letterer) or EUR 90 (Type Designer). Or continue using an old version without renewing.

Educational licences are available for free.

Try the plug-in for free for one week.