27 November1 December 2017

If you are interested in Southeast Asian scripts, next week Ben Mitchell, Suppakit Chalermlap and other experts will have a week long workshop at Cadson Demak. Quick, sign up!

Southeast Asian Script Workshop

Monday 27 November through Friday 1 December:

  • Monday: Thai script
  • Tuesday: Lao script
  • Wednesday: Khmer script
  • Thursday: Burmese script
  • Friday: Extending the design, feedback sessions, participant presentations

Learn about fonts for Thai, Lao, Khmer and Burmese:

  • Share knowledge with experienced professionals from different countries.
  • See the different styles of writing and what they’re used for.
  • Understand the character set for each script, what the letters look like and how they work together.
  • Develop a concept for a type family including all four scripts and get feedback on suitability.
  • Learn where to start with each script. Sketch key characters to give your design a clear direction.
  • Go deeper into each script, extending the glyph set with support from professionals. Identify common difficulties and how to get things right.


Cadson Demak Studio, Bangkok


Ben Mitchell, Suppakit Chalermlap

For Whom?

For font designers of all skill levels who want to learn how to design fonts for Southeast Asia

How Much?

5000 THB




  • Attendees should bring pencils, pens and notepads, laptops with font editing software (a free demonstration version of Glyphs is available).
  • Please bring ideas you’d like to work on during the workshop: example typefaces that you’d enjoy extending into Southeast Asian scripts, or a brief for a new design.


DM or e-mail Ben Mitchell directly: ben at fontpad dot co dot uk