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All info about FontGoggles

FontGoggles is a font viewer for various font formats, free and open source.

FontGoggles is a font viewer focusing on text behavior, specifically text shaping and variation behavior. The app was written by Just van Rossum and funded by GoogleFonts. The following font formats are supported:

  • .ttf/.otf (including variable fonts and COLR/CPAL-based color fonts)
  • .ttc/.otc
  • .woff/.woff2
  • .ufo/.ufoz
  • .designspace
  • .ttx

Core features:

  • View multiple fonts simultaneously
  • Supports complex scripts: it does proper text shaping with HarfBuzz
  • Enable/disable OpenType features
  • Explore design spaces
  • Preview .ufo and .designspace files as if they are compiled fonts
  • Automatically reload fonts if they are changed on disk
  • Supports vertical text layout
  • FontGoggles screenshot

How to use

Drop some fonts (or folders with fonts) onto the application, or launch the application, and drop some fonts onto the window.

  • Zoom in/out by using pinch gestures on your trackpad, or use ⌘-plus and ⌘-minus, or option-scroll.
  • Type text in the text field to change the displayed text
  • Drag and drop can be used to rearrange the fonts
  • Click on a font to see the glyph positioning information
  • Select glyphs by clicking on them, which will highlight glyph positioning info and character info
  • In the font list, use arrow keys to navigate glyphs and fonts

There is much more you can do in the app. Read all about it on the FontGoggles page.