Older Versions of Glyphs

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
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3 December 2020 Published on 31 August 2012

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you need a Glyphs version different from the latest and greatest one. Here’s how to get hold of them.

Most of the time, we do not encourage reverting to older versions. There is usually a reason why we have newer versions, duh. If, however, you have troubles with the latest beta build, you may want to revert to the latest stable version.

Latest stable and beta versions

To get the latest stable build of any major Glyphs version, you would use the following links:

Version Link
Glyphs 1 latest.php
Glyphs 2 latest2.php
Glyphs 3 latest3.php
Glyphs Mini 1 latestMini.php
Glyphs Mini 2 latestMini2.php

From there, you can access the latest beta build. To do that, you go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, enable both checkboxes, and click the Check Now button:

Glyphs will either tell you that you are up to date, or offer you to download the latest cutting-edge version, and restart.

Beta builds can be helpful, because they may contain a bugfix that has not made it into a stable update yet. Beta releases occur much more frequently. Once we believe a cutting-edge version has been tested enough, and we receive no more crash reports, we turn it into a stable build.

Older versions

Generally, there are three situations where you want an older version of Glyphs:

  • if you need to support older hardware and/or an old macOS version,
  • if something that used to work is broken in the latest version and there is no bugfix yet,
  • if you need to recreate an export of a legacy file that was done with a legacy version of Glyphs.

Generally, you can use the updates.glyphsapp.com/GlyphsX.X.X-YYY.zip scheme to download any version. The X.X.X part represents the version number, and YYY the build number. So if you want to download, say, version 2.2.2, build 827, you would type updates.glyphsapp.com/Glyphs2.2.2-827.zip.

For Glyphs Mini, you would add a Mini just before the version number. E.g., the last Glyphs Mini 2.0.2, build 94, would download from updates.glyphsapp.com/GlyphsMini2.0.2-94.zip.

Not all build numbers are available. Some builds have been pulled because they were soon replaced with a more stable build, sometimes within hours. Don’t ask us for the missing builds, we do not have them ourselves anymore, and trust us, you would not want them.

Glyphs build numbers

But wait, how do I know which build number corresponds to which version number. Not that easy, true. Here is a table:

App version Minimum build number
1.4.5 612
2.2.2 826
2.3 875
2.3.1 922
2.4b 923
2.4 937
2.4.1 940
2.4.2 986
2.4.3 1064
2.4.4 1075
2.5b 1027
2.5 1130
2.5.1 1133
2.5.2 1142
2.6 1192
2.6.1 1193
2.6.2 1231
2.6.3 1269
2.6.4 1272
2.6.5 1287
2.6.6 1343
3.0 3032
3.0.1 3033
3.0.2 3040

Example: build numbers for version 2.6.1 start at 1193. Hence, the following build numbers 1194, 1195, 1196, etc., will also be accessible with the 2.6.1 URL, e.g.: updates.glyphsapp.com/Glyphs2.6.1-1196.zip. If a build number gives you a 404 error, then it likely has been pulled.

Glyphs Mini build numbers

App version Minimum build number
2.0 53
2.0.1 71
2.0.2 88
2.1 95
2.1.1 97
2.1.2 98
2.1.3 99
2.1.4 101

Change log

To find out what changed in each version, a change log is incorporated into the application. Just go to Help > Change Log, and Glyphs will open a window containing the version history for you:

Accessing the change log for the current app version

Glyphs for PowerPC

In case you have a very old Mac with a pre-intel G4 or G5 CPU, you will get the latest PPC and Intel universal binary, by using this link: updates.glyphsapp.com/latestPPC.php. At the time of this writing, the latest PPC enabled version is version 1.2.6.

Update 2013-07-18: Added note about the change log in newer versions.
Update 2016-02-16: Updated for Glyphs 2 and added beta downloads (thanks oneweioranother!)
Update 2020-12-04: Updated and corrected links, added build number tables.