Video: Drawing Paths

by Miriam Surányi & Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
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13 June 2021 Published on 29 April 2019

Read more about drawing paths

Take a look at these tutorials about drawing paths:

Useful scripts and plug-ins

  • The mekkablue scripts have a section called Paths which, among other things, contains Path Problem Checker, a script for finding potential problems.
  • The Show Angled Handles plug-in installs itself in the View menu and when activated, indicates potential issues like duplicate paths or not-completely-orthogonal handles and line segments.
  • Jens Kutílek’s Red Arrow plug-in indicates potential issues and adds a very handy Edit > Select Glyphs with Outline Errors to the menu.

Of course there is way more. Open Plugin Manager and look for more plug-ins and scripts.

Using Glyphs 1.x? There is a Drawing Paths in Glyphs 1 video as well.