Glyphs 2.6.4 Released

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

22 January 2020

We just released version 2.6.4 of Glyphs. Open up your app, and go to Glyphs > Check for Updates…

This is mainly a maintenance update, with a few new additions and improvements here and there, so if you do not mind, we will take you quickly through the changes:

Languages and Scripts

  • Added the Elymaic script to the glyph data
  • Added Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong script to the glyph data
  • Added Cyrillic to the Dimensions palette
  • Fixed the mistyped RturnedSmall in glyph data
  • Fixed a rare issue with production names for certain Arabic ligatures
  • Updated localisations for: French, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and Korean
  • Improved automatic Oriya feature code
  • Improved automatic vert and vrt2 feature
  • Fixed handling of languages in locl feature


  • You can now swap with background while the Text tool (T) is active
  • Fix incremental suffixes when duplicating glyphs in Edit view
  • Improved shift-clicking in Font view


  • TrueType Stem and Zone settings allow more deltas now
  • For now, disabled the writing of horizontal triple hints again

File Export and Import

  • Improved handling of unusual glyph names in imported fonts
  • Improved OTVar export, especially fixed some issues with GPOS variations
  • Improved PostScript Type1 import
  • Improved import and export of .ufo, especially Font Info, custom parameters and guides
  • Write familyName instead of openTypeNamePreferredFamilyName to .ufo

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved stability in macOS 10.9 with Color Palettes parameter
  • Improved conversion from TrueType to Cubic
  • Improved undo in feature edit view
  • Improved Edit > Paste Special and fixed a case where it would not paste anything
  • Improved handling of cap components and flipped components
  • Many small bug fixes and performance improvements

That’s it. Have fun with Glyphs 2.6.4!