Glyphs 3.0.1 released

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
en zh

27 November 2020

Glyphs 3.0.1 is a maintenance update adding a new export option: variable WOFF and WOFF2 export.

Glyphs 3 is off to a good start, and we are happy to report one of the best adoption rates we have ever had for any upgrade or update in the history of Glyphs within a week. Many thanks for your reports, including the files you sent in, all of which helped us make quick improvements, especially to the new Remove Overlap algorithm.

Now, choose Glyphs > Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions for updating to the latest version.

Export variable webfonts

Of course, we cannot let you go update without a little treat. Try the variable font export with File > Export > Variable Fonts and there you go: you can now export an OTVar directly to webfont formats WOFF and WOFF2:

All web browsers that support variable fonts also support WOFF2, so you will usually want to export WOFF2 unless the compression does not work for your vectors as well as the one of WOFF.

Display metrics names in edit view

Alright, alright, there is one more thing. Turn on View > Show Metrics Names and Glyphs 3 displays the names of vertical metrics next to the glyph that is currently open for editing:

A long-standing request of some users, now at your finger tips in the View menu.

Change Log 3.0.1

  • Added View > Show Metrics Names for displaying names for vertical metrics in edit view
  • Added option to export variable fonts as WOFF and WOFF2
  • Improved preview area: hide variable font settings and better instance names in pop-up menu
  • New cursor for rectangle and circle tools (works better in dark background)
  • Improved Focus on Selected Paths
  • Improved Remove Overlap code (thanks for the sample files)
  • Fixed cap style in Filter > Offset Curve preview
  • Added cap style setting to Offset Curve custom parameter
  • Fixed AddExtremes and RemoveOverlap custom parameters
  • Fixed ccmp feature code with alternate combined accents
  • Fixed undo after pasting a glyph in font view
  • Improved plug-in compatibility
  • Increased the time limit for the slow plug-in warning
  • Improved handling of automatic alignment
  • Fixed issues with fsType
  • Improved import (e.g. large number of stems)
  • Fixed export of bracket layers to variable fonts
  • Do not align components on export when alignment was disabled
  • No more autosaves to .glyphsPackage format for smaller files (prevents problems with Google Drive and Dropbox)
  • Expanded Python wrapper
  • Added GSFont.snapToObjects (to disable snapping for that font)
  • Improved and fixed Dark Mode settings and behaviour
  • Many small fixes
  • Increased performance, stability and macOS version support

Thank you

Many thanks for your continued input! Please keep reporting any issues you find in the forum, looking forward to seeing you there. After all, Glyphs remains a community project. Stay safe and healthy.