Glyphs Mini 2: All You Need

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

21 March 2017

Affordable Font Editing for Everyone

Today, we are opening a whole new chapter in entry-level font editing: Say hello to Glyphs Mini 2! All you need for simple and straight-forward, single-master font editing in a unified single window with an integrated, document-specific palette:

New Interface, New Tools

Edit your paths with some of the most sophisticated vector editing tools available on the Mac. Control any selection of handles independently, open path corners, reconnect node pairs, nudge curves, control curvatures, reuse glyphs as components, or partial paths as corner and cap components, align, transform, perform Boolean operations. You name it.

Toolbar, canvas, sidebar now have a much crisper, slicker, and cleaner appearance than ever before. We not only updated the interface to match its bigger brother, Glyphs 2, we even added a tool that is exclusive to Glyphs Mini 2: Lasso Select.

Speaking of new tools, revive the eighties and create pixelfonts with the new Pixel tool (B): Set your pixel grid in Font Info, switch to the Pixel tool, and start drawing pixels! Read how to create a pixelfont with Glyphs Mini 2.

Export Webfonts

No more third-party apps or web services for webfont conversion: Glyphs Mini 2 lets you export fonts in the Web Open Font Format a.k.a. WOFF, supported by all modern browsers. Simply bring up the File > Export dialog, and make sure you activate the Webfont (WOFF) option before you press the OK button.

Handbook and Tutorials

Glyphs Mini has its own handbook! Read on over to the Get Started page and download the PDF for free.

Also, Glyphs Mini has its very own tutorials, marked with a Glyphs Mini tag. For instance, read about how to turn your vector art into a font. Do keep an eye on the Tutorials page in the coming weeks. More content is on its way.

New App Icon

We saved the nicest thing for last. Glyphs Mini 2 has an all-new, slick icon. It perfectly fits to the icon of the main app, and we think it is a real cutie. It makes you go *g*, what do you think?

Get the App

Thirsty for more? Well, there is more about Glyphs Mini 2. And, best of all, download the free 30-day trial today on the Get App page. You will love it.