Glyphs Mini

Just What You Need

Easy, lightweight and affordable: Glyphs Mini is the slimmed down version of the Glyphs font editor.

Turn Your Vectors into Fonts

Turn Your Vectors into Fonts

Move your emojis, letters and dingbats from Illustrator into Glyphs, and put them into a functioning font. It is as easy as Copy and Paste.

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Make Your Own Pixelfont

Make Your Own Pixelfont

Designing a pixelfont is a fun way to get started with type design. And Glyphs Mini 2 puts a Pixel tool in your hands.

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Make Your Own Webfonts

Make Your Own Webfonts

Glyphs Mini exports WOFF files, webfonts ready to be integrated in websites straight away.

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Font Info: Master Your Tech Settings

Font Info: Master Your Tech Settings

A step-by-step guide through the Font Info: the most difficult tech geekery made easy.

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Make Your Own All-Caps Font

Make Your Own All-Caps Font

A good point to get started in type design is an all-cap design. Here are some essential tips on the way.

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Download the Glyphs Mini 2 Handbook from the Get Started page.

Or Go Pro

Easy editing has its limits. Do more with the full version of Glyphs.

Glyphs Mini is an entry-level font editor, intended for casual type design and easy, no-fuss webfont production. For the full bells and whistles, consider the professional Glyphs application, geared towards advanced type design and industrial-grade font production. This comparison table will help you decide which is best for you:

Glyphs Mini

Straight-forward and intuitive user interface
Edit glyphs in a word context
Advanced vector drawing tools
Live components, anchors and automatic alignment
Drag-and-drop import of SVG pictures, Copy-and-paste import of Illustrator outlines
Free handbook and tutorials available
Automatic OpenType feature generation for localized forms, fractions, ordinals, discretionary and standard ligaturesCustom OpenType feature code, and wide range of automatic features
Support for simple scripts like Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Symbol and Emoji charsetsExtensive Non-Latin support, including complex scripts like Arabic and Devanagari
Import OTF and TTFImport OTF, TTF, UFO and PS Type 1
Export OTF and WOFFExport OTF, TTF, UFO, Webfonts (EOT, WOFF, WOFF2), Colorfonts, Metrics
Native UFO support (import, export, save, and open)
Single-master font editingMultiple masters and glyph layers
Automatic and manual PS hintingAutomatic and manual PS and TT hinting
Built-in filters Hatch Outline, Offset Paths, Round Corners, TransformationsMany built-in filters, expandable with third-party plugins and Python scripts
Reuse shapes with components, corner and cap componentsReuse shapes with components, smart glyphs, corner and cap components
Batch processing and advanced font settings with Custom Parameters
Discount upgrade to the full Glyphs 2
49.90 € 249.90 €