Glyphs Mini 2.1.4 Released

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

30 June 2020

For the largest part, Glyphs Mini 2.1.4 is a free maintenance update. Start your app, choose Glyphs Mini > Check for Updates, and follow the on-screen instructions to update to the latest and greatest version of Glyphs Mini.

In case you purchased Glyphs Mini in the AppStore, the app should update automatically within the coming days. While version 2.1.4 is in the pipeline, we need to ask you for a little patience while Apple reviews the app update. Update: Glyph Mini 2.1.4 is now live in the AppStore.

Improved Dark Mode

Glyphs Mini 2 now has improved support for Dark Mode. We tweaked the dark colors here and there, and we believe, you will enjoy Glyphs Mini in the dark even more now.

Improved Pixel Tool

The Pixel Tool has seen a couple of improvements. For one thing, it has a new, clearer, more distinguishable shortcut key: X. And it works without a hitch, even if the pixel components you are removing have been rotated or flipped.


The Chinese, French, German and Spanish localisations are pretty much complete now, making Glyphs Mini the best-translated lightweight font editor on the market right now. Thanks to all the people helping out with this, especially Sol, Willie, and Nathalie!

Improvements and Fixes

And, as always, there have been many, many small enhancements, fixes, stability and performance improvements. Often too small to mention, but they will make a difference in your daily workflow. To name just a few:

  • Better import of Font Info when opening an OTF or TTF (in particular, the Copyright entry is preserved now)
  • Improved handling of Private Use Area glyphs
  • Improved Fontstruct and TTF import
  • Improved app behaviour with large grid settings
  • Improved handling of asymmetrically scaled and rotated components
  • Improved selecting and snapping of components, especially those with open paths in their base glyph
  • Improved internal glyph data base
  • Fixed Fit Curve shortcuts
  • Fixed display of Thai in Dimensions panel
  • Improved error messages
  • Improved metrics key calculation

Enough talk now. Update and enjoy!