Speed Punk Plug-in Now Open Source

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

24 January 2020

Since last month, one of the most popular curvature visualisations in type design is now open source: Speed Punk by Yanone. Read all about this game-changing extension:

If you are not using it yet, you need to try it.

Install SpeedPunk

The plug-in and its source code are a free download now. For Glyphs users, it is easily available via Window > Plugin Manager: look for SpeedPunk (scroll down or use the search field), click its Install button, and when the download is ready, restart the app. If you had a previous installation of SpeedPunk, make sure to remove old versions of the plug-in.

Activate SpeedPunk through View > Show Speed Punk (Cmd-Shift-X), access its options in the context menu (right- or Ctrl-click).

About Yanone

German designer, coder and artist Jan Gerner, better known as Yanone, has created several font families, made a movie, and written lots of code, among which two popular plug-ins that are available for Glyphs: Speed Punk of course, and Space Bar. For the latter, you will find a free 30-day trial in Window > Plugin Manager.


Many thanks to Yanone for making this possible, and Google Fonts for supporting the project. Special thanks to Dave Crossland for making this happen. The type design world will be a better place now.