Hinting: TrueType Autohinting

by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

7 August 2017

Ask Yourself: Does your Type Design Support Hinting?

What is Hinting?

One popular myth amongst type designers is that hinting was about ‘preserving your shapes on the screen’. Completely wrong! Firstly, hinting does not preserve your shapes, it distorts them, so they better fit the pixel grid of your output device, which is not necessarily a screen. The distortion kicks in at low resolutions. If that happens to be on the screen, it’s on the screen. But it can be effective up to a size of 80 pixels, which is equivalent to a font size of 19 points on a 300 dpi printer.

TTF Autohint Quick Setup

TTF Autohint Options

Testing in Word on a PC

For testing your hinting results, you will need Windows.

Control Instructions