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  • Munich

Variable Font Day in Munich

Variable Fonts are happening! Learn how to create them with Glyphs.

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  • Ahmedabad, India

Type Fusion Workshop in Ahmedabad

In India, there are more than 780 languages, 23 are official and there are over 86 different scripts. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a Latin+Indic typeface.

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  • Basel, Switzerland

Type Design and Lettering at SfG Basel

Swiss type designer Matthias Pauwels will conduct a public 5-month course on type design and lettering. Wow!

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  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Workshops 2018

Glyphs team member Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer will hold a public lecture and a 3-day workshop in Ljubljana, the beautiful capital of Slovenia. You’re around? Stop by.

Note: One week later, the Type Days Ljubljana will take place. There is a separate entry for them.

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  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Type Days Ljubljana 2018

February is Type Month in Ljubljana. Here is another workshop, one week long, taking place in Slovenia’s beautiful capital city.

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  • Alexandria, Egypt

Arabic Font Workshop in Alexandria

Three intensive days for getting started in digital type design for Arabic at the Library of Alexandria. You do not want to miss this.

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  • Madrid

Madrid Type Spring 2018

April, May, June: 115 hours of workshop time with Spanish star designer Andreu Balius. Do not miss this.

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Glyphs Mini 2.0.1 Released

Get this free update for Glyphs Mini 2, with all the latest stability and performance improvements.

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Glyphs 2.4.3 Released

This is the final stable 2.4.x version. Enjoy!

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Glyphs 2.4.2 Released

Read here what is new in the latest update of Glyphs.

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Glyphs Mini 2 Available in the AppStore

As of today, Glyphs Mini 2 is available in the AppStore.

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The Glyphs Smartphone Stand

Coming soon to a goody bag near you: the really cool green smartphone stand. Read on for the folding instructions.

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